June 28, 2019

Ask Morgan: Does He Have Feelings For Me?

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In today’s episode of Ask Morgan we have a Taurus inquiring whether a Leo has feelings for him.

Before we get into the tarot part of this question, astrologically speaking this is a tough match. Both are fixed signs and suffer from stubbornness and pride. The bull will shut down just when the lion needs a dramatic display of affection.

But, there’s lots more to your chart than your sun sign so let’s hop in and see what the tarot says!

I actually think this person does have feelings for you. In the past, we have the High Priestess, which encourages you to tune in and listen to your intuition. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve leveled up spiritually. In the present, we have the 5 of Wands. The energy around you is a little conflicted and is encouraging you to stand up for yourself and be more confident. The more you tune in and be Who You Are, your authentic self (which maybe you’re a little afraid of), the more this guy is turned on by you. He’s definitely a full on Leo, who has a lot going on, and is always rushing from this plan to the next. But together you work on your talents (Knight of Wands + 3 of Pentacles), enjoy each other’s company, and grow. I like this for you. Have fun!


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