June 14, 2019

How to Frame your Tarot Question

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A client recently asked me how to frame his tarot question and I thought this was a great topic for a blog post!

As a general rule of thumb, I believe that the more specific your question, the more specific your answer. 

Now, I get wanting to test your psychic’s third eye muscle by just requesting a “general” reading and I support that for you. Receiving details that the reader could not have possibly known is extremely gratifying in building a relationship with a psychic you trust. 

I’m to the point where I’ve built a relationship with both of my advisers (Ethony for Tarot and Aliza Einhorn for astrology), and because seeing them is a once a year investment I do for the new year and my birthday, I flood them with details because I trust their muscles and don’t have time to be vague! Lol. 

I do get mini readings here and there from people I find on Etsy and Instagram. But still, my vaguest questions to them would be something like:

“What is my relationship’s future with X?” “Why haven’t I heard from X?” “When will I hear from X?” “What is the meaning of this relationship with X?” “I have two options, should I take this one (describe) or that one (describe)?” 

I recently had a client who asked me about her future with her romantic partner. Things looked aces to me! Well, she wanted to know about her financial future with her partner. Different question, darling! I can see how that could be frustrating, but that’s why I encourage you to really think about your question before you ask it. 

I know some might argue that I “should’ve known” that finance was the main issue here, but sometimes *you* might want to hear about finance, but if you’re not specific, your guides might want to come through shouting about something else. My guides are extremely cheeky that way. You might be feeling like finances are the biggest thing right now, but they might be encouraging you to see the love and abundance you have in front of you, right now.

So in general, I’d say:

I get it, but…:

“I want a general reading.”


“I want a general reading about my financial future.”


“I want a reading about my financial future. I am concerned about X, Y, and Z. What can I do to work through these concerns?”

The more details the better, at least for this Virgo stellium! How do you frame your tarot questions?

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