March 24, 2019

Ask Morgan: Am I Wasting My Time on My Libra Ex?

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A Cancer follower of mine wrote to ask if she’s wasting time on her Libra ex to try and reunite.

I pulled three cards, past-present-future.

In the past, we have the Page of Air. Libras really have a way of making the serious seem flip. There may be a bit of gaslighting on his part about your feelings. You’re a Cancer, so of course you have a ton of them. Does he push you to make things more light, airy? Does he understand that your moods are like the moon, ever-changing, passionate, deep?

In the present, we have the Five of Cups. You’re grieving him, missing him. Once you let someone into your Cancer shell, it is hard to let go. It is hard for you to shrug off the cloak of sadness when it seems so enveloping.

In the future, we have Strength. So no, you are not wasting your time. He might not be the one, but you will learn grace from this. This lesson is important. Pay attention.

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