October 7, 2018

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

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I love October. It’s my second favorite month.

The veil thins. We honor our ancestors. Mere mortals are psychic. I’ve been seeing dead people with more frequency! (Though, I’ve seen dead people since childhood, lol.)

We’ve got Venus, the planet of what we love and value, retrograding in the sign of Scorpio. I LOVE THIS. But I’m Scorpio rising and I love intensity.

It might feel like your heart is taking over your body. It might feel like your heart is sunburned, and you are peeling back each layer. This is how I feel basically every day, so book a reading for coping mechanisms!

It’s time to evaluate the limitations you are putting on yourself. The way you are giving your power away. What do you value – is it money, love, or something else? Deep, deep down? What’s there? Are you ashamed of it? Should you be?

Face your desires. Even those dark ones. You came here to learn lessons and have fun. Release any shame or guilt you have about that. I was just preaching deep and dark but it doesn’t always have to be deep and dark!

And if you want to be cliche and bang your ex, I won’t blame or judge you, babe. Just make sure it’s what you still value. That it’s aligned with your current desires.

The energy out there is raw, but it’s definitive. You will be forced to choose. And the voice of your heart knows what’s right. Listen up!

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